Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby UK

A photo of the cannon at Robin Hood's Bay

Robin Hood's Bay cannon before firing

Photo of small cannon at Robin Hood's Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay cannon

Robin Hoods’s Bay on the North Yorkshire Coastline has to be one of the most unusual coastal villages in the country.  The view of the red roofed houses and cottages perched above the cliffs and the beautiful bay and visible scar is truly breathtaking.

However, another way to view and visit this scenic coastal village is by cycling on the old railway line that once ran from Whitby to Peak (that’s Ravenscar as it is now known).  This old cinder track lends itself to cycling, as apart from a few uphill (only slightly) sections it allows cyclists, young and old, a safe and enjoyable journey to Robin Hood’s Bay from Whitby without worrying about the road traffic.  Walkers and ramblers too can benefit from the cinder track as in some parts it is parallel to the Cleveland Way making a restful alternative to some of the cliff walk!

On a Sunday,  in particular, this cinder path is quite busy with local families and visitors alike as they meander, cycle and stride out to Robin Hood’s Bay. Taking approximately and hour to an hour and a half to cycle, it is a pleasant exercise and especially so when coupled with a welcome coffee at the end.

Each Sunday at 12.00 noon outside the local public house at the top of the cliffs in Robin Hood’s Bay there is a cannon fired to alert the landlord as to opening time!  Originating from the time when a gentleman was late in getting to the pub, it was decided that a gun salute would be an excellent way to mark ‘opening time’ on a Sunday.  Fifteen years ago the present cannon was made.  The barrel was forged in Sheffield and the wheels made locally.  This particular cannon has to be registered with the police and the area must be cleared of members of the public with a warning whistle before each firing.

Clearly a novel and unusual spectacle to the unsuspecting visitor but an interesting tradition which gathers crowds each Sunday mid-day, and a gun cannon salute to send the cyclists back on their path!!

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