RomeroJo’s Rhum Shack and Restaurant, Whitby

RomeroJo’s Rhum Shack and Restaurant, Whitby is situated on Golden Lion Bank at the bottom of Flowergate.  The restaurant serves Costa Rican cuisine (the only one in the United Kingdom) and imports Costa Rican high quality coffees.

Photo of RomeroJo's restaurant

RomeroJo’s Rhum Shack and Restaurant

Photo of RomeroJo's Restaurant

RomeroJo’s Restaurant on Golden Lion Bank

photo of chicken casado

Chicken Casado

photo of quesadilla


photo of wraps

Beef and chicken Gallos


photo of carrot cake

Carrot cake and cinder toffee ice cream

It is a small intimate informal restaurant accessed by stairs from Golden Lion Bank with lively Latin music with tv screens featuring Latin musical videos.  Upon arrival you are treated to a complementary glass of rhum punch, a bottle of which may be purchased to accompany your meal or as a ‘take-away’.  It is fully licenced and offers a variety of beers and wines.

The  menu offers a variety of dishes from Mexico and the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Cuba and some American classics.  The dishes themselves are not highly spiced but there is the option of asking for spice and also to decide how spicy!!

We chose the Casado (chicken), Quesadilla and Gallos.  Apart from the Quesadillas, there were the options of Shrimp,Beef, Chicken or Pork.  (Vegetarian options are available)  The food was attractive to look at and wonderful to eat.  A salsa as a condiment is a handy addition if you require something a little hotter.  And it is eye-watering hot so be warned! but very good!!!

The dishes by virtue of being Latino are mainly served with salad and rice but there are options of side dishes which include chips and doggey chips (a delicious mix of chips and small pieces of pepperoni or it could be bacon).

For desert we were offered a choice of carrot cake and/or ice-cream.  We chose carrot cake with cinder toffee ice-cream and it was absolutely brilliant.

The prices are very reasonable and the drinks also.  RomeroJo’s Rhum Shack and Restaurant, Whitby is a must for lovers of Latino food or those who don’t know it yet.  It has a room set aside for those who would like to bring their dog (another flight of steps) which is certainly handy for those who like to bring their pet on holiday.  The staff are friendly and the chef is inclined to enquire whether everything was okay and is on hand to offer advice on the selection of meals.




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