Whitby Lifeboat Days 12th & 13th July

Whitby Lifeboat Days 12th & 13th July have been a fun filled weekend for many (perhaps dampened slightly by the rain on Sunday morning and lunchtime) with the bonus of raising funds for this very important emergency service in Whitby.

photo of the RNLI George and Mary Webb

RNLI George and Mary Webb

photo of below decks on the RNLI George amd Mary Webb

Below decks on the RNLI George and Mary Webb

photo of the galley

Below decks showing the refreshment galley

photo of the wheelhouse

Where it all happens

photo of the upper deck

The Upper Deck


a photo of a lifeboat man about to take a plunge

A Lifeboatman about to take the plunge


photo of an air sea rescue helicopter

Air Sea Rescue Helicopter

Solely financed by donations, the Whitby Lifeboat and crew are dedicated to saving lives by rescuing many people stranded at sea by virtue of engine failure in fishing and private craft or indeed emergencies occurring through illness whilst out at sea, rescuing those stranded by incoming tides whilst walking on the beaches, in fact, any emergency where lives are in danger!

Over the weekend there were a variety of stalls selling homemade cakes, second hand books, a tombola stand, bouncy castle, win an ipad stand plus other entertainment.  There were some game lifeboatmen willing to take the plunge into cold water for anyone who could throw a wet sponge through a target, It appeared that many people could!!!  The Lifeboat ‘RNLI George and Mary Webb’ was moored alongside the bandstand and members of the public were invited on board to have a first hand view of inside.  Some crew members were on board to answer any questions regarding the equipment and some of the facts regarding the lifeboat itself.

For instance, the lifeboat can carry two tons of fuel (2,200 litres) which equates to quite a journey if necessary.  Below decks there are safety belted seats for 10 passengers, stretchers, helmets (in case of helicopter winches), a first aid kit, anchor chain, towing bridles, a small galley with refreshments for those in need, dry suits and enough provisions for 18 hours at sea.

In the cabin there is seating for 7 crew to include a doctor if necessary.  There are currently three trainees (including a lady trainee) and 22 lifeboatmen.  They are currently looking out for local volunteers.

It is vital that the Lifeboat is well supported as local people will appreciate that it could be a close relative or friend who may be in need of their services or, indeed, a holidaymaker who may be in difficulty, perhaps a member of a fishing trip, and not forgetting trawlermen and those who make a living from the sea.

Whitby Lifeboat Days 12th & 13th July are a great way to raise funds for this vital cause but perhaps it may be worthy of any spare cash at any time of year to protect this necessary emergency service on our coastline.  Please donate if at all possible!




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