In and around Whitby this week

In and around Whitby this week there has been a variety of events occurring as you would expect in a busy holiday town.

photo of Whitby Harbour

Whitby Harbour

The weather has been mainly sunny with the occasional cooler breeze which was beneficial to the open topped Model T Fords which congregated on the car park near to the Marina Office on Monday.  Beautifully renovated, they looked spectacular in the line-up

photo of Model T Fords

Model T Fords

Many people will have been glued to the television screens watching the World Cup unfold in the charismatic country of Brazil.   Most of the matches have been held on an evening but some have been throughout the day.  One avid football fan is the chef and owner of RomeroJoe’s restaurant in Whitby.  This week saw the match between his native Costa Rica and England.  What a dilemma!

On Monday, the Whitby ALB was launched to tow the fishing vessel (Jennifer Margaret) five miles south east of Whitby.  The vessel which was hauling crab pots, with three persons on board,  suffered engine failure and contacted the Humber Coastguard who notified Whitby.  The boat was successfully towed back into Whitby Harbour all within two hours!  A credit to the lifeboat team.

On Saturday afternoon a rather unusual spillage occurred on the A64 near to Whitwell on the Hill, near Malton.  A lorry carrying liquid mash (of instant mashed potato variety) had a spillage which, of course, proved hazardous to traffic.  Police and the Highways Agency closed the road in both directions as traffic was skidding as the mash swelled.  North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service were called out to help clear the spillage from the road by using freezing chemicals after it had been ploughed and managed to open one of the lanes by 7.30 p.m. allowing  long tailbacks of traffic from the direction of Scarborough to pass.  Fire crews then used high-powered hoses to remove the last remains before fully reopening the road around 9.30 p.m. much to the relief of the motorists stuck in the long queue.

A newly wed couple who are the landlord and landlady of the Stiddy in Lyth have raised money for charity by requesting that quests give them money instead of the traditional wedding list.  David and Wendy Humphreys have donated the cash to buy a defibrillator for the village which has been placed on the front wall of The Stiddy.  The machine, which delivers an electric shock to the heart when someone is in cardiac arrest, is a potential life-saver.  It is hoped that other defibrillators can be purchased by surrounding communities in a bid to save lives.

This is just a small amount of news In and around Whitby this week.




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