Whitby to Ruswarp River Trip

A Whitby to Ruswarp River Trip was on offer and what a beautiful way to spend a lovely Bank Holiday Monday.  An early start as the tide was just turning, hazy sunshine and a small breeze made near perfect conditions.

photo of upriver

Sailing Upriver

photo of the viaduct

The imposing Viaduct

photo of sheep lambs and seagulls

Sheep, lambs and seagulls

photo of a stork

The nonchalant Stork

photo of an old wreck

An old wreck

photo of a new build

A new build

photo of the Copious fishing vessel

The LK 985 ‘Copious’ fishing vessel

photo of downstream river

Downriver with Church street on the right

photo of Captain Cook's Museum

Captain Cook’s Museum

The river was not in flood so timing must be right or else the likelihood of being ‘cut off’ is a real possibility.  Leaving the upper harbour and making our way upriver under the New Bridge past the old crumbling sandstone walls which would have been part of the old shipbuilding yards, the tide was seemingly flowing quite quickly making progress quite slow.  We followed the meandering river past the old gasworks and the imposing arches of the viaduct.  The viaduct structure is all the more impressive when passing close to it, there is a chart showing the depth of the water, important information when sailing at this point in the river.  Passing a couple of houses and numerous trees, we sailed all the way upstream til we reached Ruswarp Bridge.  Obviously, if it had been later in the day, light refreshment could have been obtained from the Bridge Inn, but as it was still early morning, we made the return journey.

Sheep and lambs were grazing at the water’s edge, one small lamb was perched precariously on the edge trying to sip the water, we had to wait ‘just in case’ but all was well and we continued on our way.  A stork waited and watched as we travelled past totally unconcerned that we were disturbing the peace of the river.

As we made our way downstream we passed a number of decaying boat hulls in stark contrast to the new build ships at Parkol Marine.  The fishing vessel LK 985 Copious was in the dry dock possibly for repair or repainting.

Our Whitby to Ruswarp River Trip ended as we sailed down with Church Street on our right and the smaller private pleasure craft and larger fishing party boats to our left.  A quick dash up to the marina and our trip was over.  Just in time actually as the river levels were dropping but we had avoided the chance of being marooned!


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