Spring in Whitby

Spring in Whitby seems as though it has finally arrived to break the dullness and wetness of the last few months.  It seemed as though the skies would never clear and the damp seemed to last forever.

Photo of a primula in bloom

Spring Primula in full bloom

Photo of the sunny harbour

Sunny Harbour View


Householders and business owners are feeling more inclined to decorate and rejuvenate their properties ready for the coming season.   The flowerbeds on the roundabouts are now beginning to show their treasures as the flowers are coming into bloom.  Not many of the daffodils are showing their heads but the crocuses are already showing their beautiful colours.  Mayfield Road has its lovely lilac and white winding pathway on the grass kerbside.  On the eastern side of the New bridge there is a star shaped bed of bright yellow crocuses, a real starburst!

Unfortunately the flower beds alongside the inner harbour are still awaiting to be planted, however, hopefully it won’t be too long!!

The beaches have been quite populated on a weekend with the donkeys making a regular appearance, ice-cream and coffee kiosks open and a general cheerful air.  Spring in Whitby, bring it on!


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