Local Events in Whitby this week

Local Events in Whitby this week, have been interesting in variety.  During the week, the weather, apart from a few isolated showers, has been moderately warm and sunny allowing the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Whitby has to offer.

photo of crowd at Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day

photo of the lifeboat

Lifeboat to the Rescue

photo of a Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

photo of a Harley Davidson

A Harley Davidson

photo of a stall on Armed Forces Day

Stall on Armed Forces Day

photo of a German Gun

German Gun


photo of the Kipper House

The Kipper House

photo of birds of prey

Whitby Falconers

photo of the Swing Bridge

Under the Swing Bridge

photo of Whitby Sunset

Whitby Sunset

Armed Forces day on Saturday saw many crowds gather at the new Memorial near to the Tourist Information Centre to watch a parade by the Cadets and browse the stalls nearby.  Stands included those run by the Air Force Cadets, a collection of Whitby made goods and bric a brac.  Whitby Falconers showcased many birds of prey with the opportunity of seeing them close up.  A German military gun was also on display which perhaps brought home in a small way the horrors of war.

A Harley Davidson stand provided the opportunity to view some excellent motorbikes with gleaming chrome and bodywork.

The calm seas provided visitors with the opportunity for a boat trip out to sea with one of the various pleasure craft available.   On Thursday, the lifeboat was called out to rescue a vessel stranded thirty miles offshore due to engine failure and on Monday the emergency services were available to help a teenage girl stranded on the cliffs near to the Spa.

Of course, there were lots more Local  events in Whitby this week, this is just a small percentage.


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