Whitby Goth Weekend 2018

The Spring Whitby Goth Weekend this year (2018)is scheduled for 27th-29th April. We don't have the Autumn date as yet. Whitby Gothic Weekend is a twice yearly event (April and October), and was founded in 1994 by Jo Hampshire. Initially, it was held once a year up until 1997, when it was then decided to hold it biannually. For more information on dates and bands performing, see the Whitby Gothic Weekend official website, by clicking the following link.
Whitby Gothic Weekend

Couple at Whitby Goth Weekend Photo

Couple at Whitby Goth Weekend

What started primarily as a weekend with a gothic theme, chosen probably for Whitby because of its Dracula connection, it has now snowballed into a huge a event. The whole town seems to be invaded by ‘Goths’, a friendly group of people, old and young alike, who like to dress in their gothic costumes and parade the streets or attend different events around Whitby. These include fairs, markets, even charity football matches!

Whitby Goth Weekend Photo

Whitby Goth Weekend

People travel from all over the world for the events such has the fame spread of the Gothic gatherings! Have a look at this article published by the Guardian Newspaper, by clicking on the following link.
Whitby Gothic Weekend Article

Whitby Goth Weekend Photo

Whitby Goth Weekend, Whitby West Cliff

Many of the town’s public houses have made the ‘Goths’ extremely welcome including The Elsinlore, The Little Angel and The Shambles. Whitby's nightclub, the Whitby Pavilion and the Metropole are also popular venues. There are a plethora of shops dedicated to the sale of both ‘Gothic’ and associated styles, selling clothing, jewellery, memorabilia, statues etc.

Whitby Goth Weekend Photo

Whitby Goth Weekend

As a result of Whitby Gothic Weekend's popularity, there is now another event organising group, Darkdaisy promotions, which also hold a number of events twice a year, also in April and October.

                Hearse Photo

The Metropole

Tickets are available in advance, from both events organisers.

 Whitby Goth Weekend Photo

Whitby Goth Weekend

It is a photographers dream to be able to see the ‘Goths’ parading around the town, and also at the different events. Hundreds of images are available on the web, and the local newspaper, The Whitby Gazette publishes photos after each ‘weekend’ of the characters in their various costumes . Hearses are likely to be parked around the town decorated in purple or red ribbons, customised by their ‘Gothic’ owners. The Register Office is accustomed to brides and grooms in period dress ‘tying the knot’.

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