Whitby Weekend



Photo of some scooters by the harbourside in Whitby

Some of the scooters in Whitby on Easter Sunday

Photo of the Whitby West Pier on Easter Sunday

Whitby West Pier on Easter Sunday

A photo of where the statue of Sire William Scoresby stood

The sorry remains of the pole supporting the statue of Sir William Scoresby

Whitby weekend weather for the bank holiday was really to be as expected apart from a short burst of sunshine on Saturday afternoon.

After the balmy Whitby weekend of last week we then had the snow. Causing chaos it produced electrical mayhem throughout the town with supplies being cut off for nearly twelve hours! The moor road to Guisborough was passable with care but the fields were laden with a white blanket of snow more reminiscent of Christmas than the Easter period. The A169 Whitby to Pickering road was blocked for a time,  The Hole of Horcum had a more spectacular display of snow with several feet remaining  at the side of the roads for a good few days later.

The heavy gales lashing the town took it’s toll on the statue of Sir William Scoresby atop his crows nest.   Laying decidedly dejectedly upon the ground he looked very sorry for himself. All that remained over the Easter weekend was a small wooden splintered pole within a flower display.  Hopefully he will be restored to his elevated position before too long.

Easter Sunday started with grey skies which rarely changed throughout the day. The Whitby weekend visitors still came to the town  in addition to a large numbers of scooters which descended on the town in a steady convoy swelling the numbers.   Although open, the pier extensions were deserted, suffice to say, the wind was a huge deterrent.

Easter Monday of course had the traditional weather that is to say, ‘April showers’.  As far as our English weather is concerned one has to make the most of it and by and large the majority of the visitors and the locals alike did just that!

Here’s hoping that the weather does not play any more tricks on us.  There may be a hosepipe ban in many other parts of the country but judging by our recent Whitby weekend weather, and, all the rest of the week, we should have no problem.

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