Whitby Pictures and Whitby Photographs

Whitby pictures and Whitby photographs are to be found almost everywhere.  This picturesque town has been captured on film over the last century or so as evidenced by the collection of Frank Meadow Sutcliffe. Today, however, the sights are more often than not captured using digital cameras.

The digital image allows the photographer the ability to change the structure and shape of the subject, to enhance the colours and to brighten or darken any particular photograph. This has led quite often to abstract  and unique images of the Whitby town appearing in the national press and a great number of magazines.

No matter what time of year be it spring, summer, autumn or winter, Whitby can present the most seasoned or amateur photographer with a splendid view of a particular building or structure,  perhaps a beautiful sunrise or sunset, maybe a bustling harbour view or an atmospheric shot of Whitby Abbey with St. Mary’s Church and the 199 steps.

Visitors to the town are often amazed at the scope of picturesque scenes available and no doubt return home with reels and reels of film or undoubtedly hundreds of digital images. Another amazing opportunity for photographs is the Whitby Gothic Weekends, Whitby Regatta, the Whitby Folk Week and the North Yorkshire Moors Steam Railway Weekends. Each one a wonderful photo opportunity to take

Photograph of Whitby Harbour

Picturesque Whitby Harbour

Photo of Captain Cook's Statue in Whitby

Captain Cook's Statue, Whitby, UK

Photo of a Clipper ship in Whitby

Clipper in Whitby Harbour

Photo of Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey and reflection




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