Whitby Gothic Weekend November 2011










A Gothic couple with a large white dog near Whitby Harbour

Gothic couple and family near Whitby Harbour

Photo of Goths taking afternoon tea on Whitby Gothic Weekend

Gothic afternoon tea

Photo of Gothic couple on Church Street

Gothic couple on Church Street

Photo of Gothis Queen Victoria and two children

Queen Victoria in Whitby for Gothic Weekend?

Photo of a Gothic Pirate by the side of Whitby Harbour

Jolly Pirate near Whitby Harbour

Photo of alternative Goths near the Abbey Steps

Alternative Goths near the Whitby Abbey Steps

Photo of Gothic couple near Whitby Harbour

Gothic couple near Whitby Harbour

Photo of realistic  hand made babies at Gothic Weekend

Realistic hand made babies at Gothic Weekend

Gothic girl by the side of Whitby Harbour

Gothic girl near Whitby Harbour

Photo of a Gothic couple perhaps bride and groom

Gothic bride and groom?

Whitby Gothic Weekend November 2011 has been taking place this weekend.   The streets of Whitby UK has seen the Gothic community showcasing some wonderful outfits as they have been strolling along Church Street, the Swing Bridge area and Pier Road.   Alongside the Gothic folk there have been large numbers of photographers eager to snap the most unusual street scenes and participants.

After a cloudy start to the Sunday morning, the clouds lifted and glorious sunshine prevailed although quite cool.  The more ‘underdressed’ lady Goths braved the chilly temperatures with their display of fishnets and basques, whilst the majority were in wonderful crinolines and I would expect a whole lot warmer!  The men were not to be outdone attired in a wonderful array of period costumes including top-hats, tails and walking canes.

This year there has been a division of the Whitby Gothic Weekends between the Official Goth Weekend and the Dark Daisy Promotions resulting in a confusion as to which event to follow.  Next year, however, it has been decided that both the Gothic events will be held concurrently which the Gothic community have welcomed.

The Gothic Weekend has drawn acts from all parts of the country and, indeed, the world, to perform at venues over the last two weekends.  Bands have been playing regularly at the Whitby Pavilion, The Resolution and the Rifle Club.  In addition there have been the bizarre bazaars held in the Whitby Pavilion where all manner of Gothic clothing and memorabilia can be viewed and purchased.

Hopefully the split between the Whitby Gothic Weekend and Dark Daisy Promotions Weekend will be resolved and the dates for next years Spring and Autumn Goth events can be announced well in advance to enable ticket sales to be released in order for the Gothic Community  to arrange their holidays in good time.

As has been evident over the past two weekends, not only have the Goths enjoyed their weekend events, the members of the public who have travelled to Whitby to watch and also the many locals too have enjoyed the almost carnival atmoshphere with cameras at the ready to snap some of the wonderful costumes on parade.

Hopefully when the two events are combined again next year there will be once again a fantastic Whitby Goth Weekend event that will bring all the Goths and the various other groups associated with the Dark Daisy Promotions together.   It really is fantastic for the town of Whitby bringing in business to both the hotels, guest houses, holiday cottages, restaurants, cafes and pubs as well as the knock on effect to other businesses in the town.


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