Spring in Whitby

Photo of Morris Dancers in the Springtime in Whitby

Springtime Morris dancers

Spring in Whitby, a wonderful time of year to be visiting our town.  The snow has hopefully passed us by and the warmer weather should be be approaching.  I know that March is supposed to to come in roaring like a lion and go out like a lamb and hopefully this will be true this year.  Its fair to say that we haven’t had a severe winter this year as in previous years,  there is a shortage of water and a possible drainpipe ban in other parts of the country, but we seem to be lucky in that respect.  Anyone planting spring flowers at the moment will probably find that the soil is easily manageable at the moment.  Not too wet and modestly dry.

Shortly the daffodils will be opening their flower heads trumpeting in the spring alongside the glorious display that the crocuses have given us this year.  The snowdrops have sadly given of their best and grouped together with their heads drooping are looking slightly dejected.

The primulas are displaying shades of yellow from the palest cream through to the deepest cadmium yellow.  The merest hint of pink of some primulas through to the deepest crimson and majenta shades.  The wide spectrum of colour never ceases to amaze and delight the observer.

Heralding in the warmer weather of Spring in Whitby last weekend, were some very colourful morris dancers outside the Tourist Information Centre.   A small crowd had gathered to observe the spectacle and it certainly cheered up a rather cloudy morning.

Visitors to the town are increasing due to the inclement weather and it won’t be long before the Easter season will be upon us which again will raise the number of tourists bringing with them an increase in trade for the town from the cafes and restaurants to the hotels, guest houses and holiday cottages, not to mention the tourist based attractions of the town.

Spring in Whitby, is certainly one of the most uplifting  seasons to cheer us after the gloom of the winter months.

Photo of Morris Dancers in Spring in Whitby

Morris Dancers in Spring in Whitby





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