Pictures of Whitby UK

Photo of the East side through an archway

Through the Keyhole

As everyone knows there are some wonderful Pictures of Whitby UK and, many of course, have been posted on this particular blog post as well as on the Wonderful Whitby Website. Photographers over the last century or so have recognised Whitby as one of the most original settings and host to a distinctive image be it of Whitby Abbey, the Whalebones or Captain Cook’s Statue.

Frank Meadow Sutcliffe was one of the earliest known photographers who captured not only the buildings of the time but also the many local fishermen, fisherwives, children and indeed local tradesmen and townsfolk.  His many photographs are iconic to Whitby and have been displayed as calendars, place mats, postcards and numerous books.

For the modern day photographer, however, the scenes are not too dissimilar from those that Sutcliffe viewed.  The town has changed little from its original format save for, perhaps, some shop frontages. Whitby Abbey, still majestic as it sits atop the headland overseeing the town and looking to the North Sea.  St. Mary’s Church and graveyard reached by the 199 steps parallel with the Donkey Path, a photo opportunity from whichever direction it is viewed.

The Whalebone Arch at the top of the Khyber Pass has for many years delighted both photographers and children alike.

Photo of Whitby Harbour

Whitby Harbour in the pink

Photo of Whitby Harbour at late afternoon

Sunset reflections near Whitby Harbour

Many tourists can be seen taking their snapshot of Whitby Abbey framed by theWhalebone Arch.   Another popular and distinct image is of the East Side framed by the Arch on the Khyber Pass, as though looking through a keyhole.

The historic Whitby Harbour and Swing Bridge are some of the most captured images of the town as evidenced by the number of magazines and publications portraying such views.

There are, however, too many places to mention individually whereby a picturesque image of Whitby Uk may be captured.  Each day and every type of weather can produce different photo opportunities for Whitby Pictures and this is perhaps one of the reasons why visitors return again and again to the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of the North East Coastline.

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