Boxing Day Dip, 2011, Whitby UK

Photo of Boxing Day Dippers 2011

Boxing Day 'Dippers' 2011

Photo of Boxing Day 'Dippers' in the sea

Boxing Day 'Dippers' in the sea at Whitby

Photo of Boxing Day participants running to the sea

Brave Boxing Day participants running to the sea

Line up of participants in the Boxing Day Dip

Ready Steady Go

Boxing Day participants in the line up

Lining up for the Boxing Day participants

Photo of team entry in Boxing Day dip fancy dress

Cool Running Bobsleigh Team Fancy Dress

Photo of Mario and Luigi Fancy Dress in Boxing Day Dip

Super Mario and Luigi raising money for charity

The Boxing Day Dip, Whitby Uk

was hailed as a great success with over one hundred and twenty five ‘dippers’  taking part in what was the 39th such event.  On an unusually sunny and mild Boxing Day the warmer weather brought out a large number of spectators to witness the event.  Huge crowds gathered near the bandstand to watch to arrival of the participants, some in fancy dress, as they made their way down the slipway to the West Cliff Beach.
The age ranges of the ‘dippers’ varied from children to old age pensioners, all with the aim of raising as much money as possible for the Whitby Lions who donate to many local charities.  Most participants had individual sponsorship but the large crowd of onlookers were able to contribute and, in fact, the total amount raised is said to be in excess of £780.00.
After lining up for the commencement of the Boxing day Dip 2011, the eager participants ran en masse down to seashore bravely defying the cool temperatures of the North Sea in their determination to raise funds for charity.  Although shivering, there was a good natured atmosphere amongst them all and the crowd of approximately three thousand watched intently as they splashed and even swam in the cool waters.
It was a long cold walk back for the ‘dippers’ as they made their way back from the sea shore but they could congratulate themselves on their achievement and be proud of their participation in the Boxing Day Dip, 2011.
The Whitby Mayor, John Freeman judged the Fancy Dress Costumes and it must be said that a great deal of thought and time had been taken with some of the costumes.  It must have been extremely difficult to choose the winners from such an array of differing outfits. The winning childrens’ entries were a reindeer and a christmas box, the men and ladies winners were an Elvis Impersonator and a Masked ballgown lady whilst the team winners were the film ‘Cool runnings’ bobsleigh team.
Congratulations and well done to all who participated in the Boxing Day Dip 2011. It was a memorable performance for all concerned probably made a little more comfortable by the milder weather.
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  1. Dave Milnes says:

    Any idea how to get in touch with the Cool Runnings team? took a few shots of them on the day and would rather like them to have them.